SayHey: The Link in Bio for Creators

What is it?

SayHey is a simple, powerful editor for your link in bio built to share your story the way you want to. SayHey seems to be positioning itself as a more structured and creator-focused alternative to solutions such as LinkTree and LinkInBio. 

I’ve used my fair share of link in bio applications, and they all seem to do the same thing, but with a different flavor. They seem to be very integration focused which makes sense as they want to provide a hub for content creators to push out their other channels from a single place. I like to think of them as a modern-day switchboard. 

SayHey has a reasonably standard onboarding process. You start by entering your basic information (no card required) and choosing your SayHey username. My first name was still available. 😎 

You’re met with an Intercom modal on the first login that gives you a brief overview of the product in video format. I would have liked to see them utilize their walkthrough feature to provide a more interactive demo, but it is the beta, so I’m sure that’s on the Roadmap of things to get done.

From here, you can browse a list of pre-designed layouts. Some of these are free, and others are locked behind their pro plan, which is $10/mo. 

If you don’t want to utilize their existing templates, you can start from scratch and add new sections to your SayHey page. Although the options seem somewhat limited on the free plan, you can’t even add an image or social links, which seems odd. 

I went ahead and selected their standard template, and it looks like the only real option that it gives me is standard text links. 

I can update labels, add links, and update thumbnails. Anything further than that, and it seems pretty limited as far as the free plan goes. I’d love to have seen a trial on the pro plan or some mechanism to demo these additional features without having to pay for it blindly.

After you’ve added the content you’d like for your page, you can then head to the appearance tab and change colors, fonts, and alignments around to your liking. It’s all fairly basic on the free plan but gets the job done. Of course, I have to link my SayHey page for the world to see.

After designing your page, SayHey seems to have some very thoughtful analytics built into their product. 

You can view a breakdown of each link by clicks and CTR, which I think could be very powerful for creators to see what offers are most compelling to their audience. I love what they’ve done here, and I think this feature alone makes the design limitations on the free plan worth overlooking.

My Thoughts:

Overall, I think SayHey is a great first stab at a link in bio builder. I think they hit the target demo they’re trying to service, creators. The other solutions are going all-in on big business and feel stale to me when I see them. I might even go as far as to say when I see those other design patterns, I gloss over them because I've seen them so many times that nothing really sticks out to me. 

I think there’s room in the space for thoughtful design and a more nuanced approach to servicing smaller creator’s brand vision. It’s evident in the templates that they’ve created that they’re trying to hit that influencer and creator aesthetic which I think works well. 

The pro features seem like they’d bring the product to life by allowing you to sync your Shopify and Instagram feeds as well as add in a newsletter opt-in feature. The bones are here for something that could work for a large cohort of creators. I’d love to see them embrace a free trial so that prospective users can see the magic of the integrations they provide, which seems to be a significant selling point in my mind, as well as the thoughtfully curated template library.

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