Tweek: The Good 'Ol Paper Calendar - Now Digital

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What is it?

Tweek is a lightweight weekly planner application built with simplicity in mind. Tweek seems to embrace simplicity and really bring you back to a time of pen, paper, and a weekly calendar.

I’ve used my fair share of to-do apps. Things, Asana, Todoist, Notion, you name it, I’ve tried it. I always come back to the most simplistic version of these for my personal to-do’s. Anything too feature dense, and I get lost in the application instead of trying to get things done.

It really feels like Tweek has taken this to the next level. You have a weekly view where you can add tasks. You can then drag and drop to reorder and move them to different days or throw them into your Someday list. That’s pretty much it.

This isn’t a bad thing by any means; it really gives you space to simply do the task instead of getting wrapped up in the process.

I love what they’ve done by allowing the user to get right into the application to start playing with the functionality instead of going through a sign-up. This really lets you get a feel for the product. Given the simplistic nature of this product, it really makes a lot of sense to let you actually see the value instead of trying to sell what could be viewed as a slim feature set at first glance.

That’s where this product shines, though, in its simplicity. If I had seen a list of features, I would have been turned off because it would have felt so slim. Instead, after being able to actually interact with the product, you can really get a sense of the use case and that its genius is its simplicity.

Take adding a task, for example. All I’m doing is finding a line, typing in my task, and that’s it. Then I can complete it on that same line.

The only option I have within the task detail is to add a highlight color or delete the task — which is excellent. I don’t have to worry about tagging it, or setting a due date, or any of those superfluous actions that keep me from doing the actual work.

They do have a paid version that is $4/mo that allows you to sync your Google Calendar events to the view. This feels a little outside of the spirit of the application to me. I see the value, but I feel as if this is a separate entity from my calendar. The pro version also gives you a few more options for highlight colors. I don’t see a ton of value in the pro version currently, but it’s one of those products that I’m keen to support on the front end because I see the potential.

They also mention some features on their roadmap that look promising. Email reminders and adding descriptions to the tasks both seem very useful while still maintaining simplicity.

Overall, this product seems to have a ton of potential, and I’m really excited to see where they take it. I honestly believe simplicity and execution stand above feature bloat in our current landscape.

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